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Monday, April 17, 2006

A world of truth

"What can you say about a society that says God is dead and Elvis is alive?" - Irv Kupcinet

It's easy to understand why some people end their lives when they are told by society that "all you see is all there is". There is no more depressing thought. To think, people actually stand and fight with all their strength, defending the bleak, hopeless idea that all there is to this life is to work hard for money that buys no joy, accumulate things that are left behind when you die, and seek success that doesn't satisfy. They fight against the terrifying thought that they are loved, cared for, and created for more than this world. Most of all, they fight against the fact that they have erred. Inside, a desire for more than this world gnaws at our hearts; an unanswered question fuels our every action. I've had many friends tell me they are not "religious". On the contrary, I have seen them worship their own gods fervently. At the core of our being is the desire to worship something much greater than ourselves. We all worship something: our jobs, money, loved ones and ourselves. Just because we wouldn't give these things the title of "God", doesn't change the fact that we devote our thoughts, time and energy to these things, and place them above all else. People say there is no proof for the existence of God. Even stranger is that these people have perfectly working eyes and minds. Seeing is not believing, but God has placed a lot of truth in His world for opened eyes to find.

God filled this world with evidence of Himself and His power, and with lessons to learn from nature. Looking at the stars must turn the stomach of any atheist. Such a complex, beautiful world cannot be an accident, it screams of a creator. It must be hard to look at the breathtaking scenery of this world and think, "What a beautiful accident!". What are the odds an asteroid hit a barren planet and made a whole world of things perfectly dependent upon eachother, who had all they needed to thrive? Atheists say they aren't religious, but it takes an awful lot of faith to believe something which contradicts their very design. If only Christians had their strength of faith, the world would be completely different.

Lessons are hidden all around. I learned a new one this weekend. A huge thunderstorm came, with lightning, and hail as big as golf balls. It seemed like the sky itself was falling, and like the sun would never shine again. And yet, the very next morning, the sky was a piercing blue and the sun shone all the more brightly in the sky. Many times in our lives feel beyond hope; it is as if our world is falling apart. "Weeping may last for the night, but joy comes in the morning." God proves this time and time again in His world, patiently re-teaching us each day. All we have to do is open our eyes and see it.


Blogger Joanne (True Blue) said...

Wow! That is absolutely inspirational! See, I was just thinking about our dented car, and you showed me a whole new perspective!!

6:39 a.m.  
Anonymous kelly said...

Well said Leanne and so true.

11:55 a.m.  

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